Hoops 4 Hope Basketball (H4H) integrates faith and basketball to impact the 3rd Ward Community for Jesus Christ. Sports provides numerous opportunities to teach hard work, discipline, sportsmanship, teamwork, and perseverance through competition. Our program strives to help players understand that their God-given athletic talents can be used on and off the court to glorify God. By ministering to the hearts and needs of athletes and coaches alike, we hope to see a world changed for Christ.

To share the Love of Jesus Christ through the sport of basketball.


  1. To share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all players, coaches, and community.
  2. To provide a high-quality, low cost alternative to expensive basketball programs that will develop and enhance the basketball skill level in the 3rd Ward community and surrounding areas.


Spiritual Development
For players and coaches of sports to have their lives to accurately reflect the Spirit of Christ in all their ways. (Proverbs 3:5-6, Colossians 3:23)

As our primary objective is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through basketball, players are immersed in the life story of Jesus Christ during Bible Study. Players learn how The Gospel of Jesus Christ is applicable to situations and scenarios that youth encounter everyday. Players are also coached by individuals who provide a daily, real life example of how to share the Love of Jesus Christ with others.


Leadership Training
In order to become a great leader, you have to be willing to expend the energy, develop the skills, and acquire the knowledge necessary to lead your teammates, family and community. Players will be challenged to step out of their comfort zone and do the things that are necessary to become an effective leader on and off the court.



Team Building Activities
The ability to work within a team environment is a critical life skill that is essential to everyone throughout their life. Team building activities can foster problem solving skills and encourage creativity. H4H provides players opportunities to learn methods to communicate effectively and the skills required to work efficiently in a collaborative team environment to accomplish a common goal.



Community Service
Instilling the value of service. Enabling those we serve to serve others. One of the most fulfilling things that one can do in life is to provide their service or time for the benefit of others. H4H works to instill a love of service by providing opportunities for players to experience the benefits of community volunteering.